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GENinCode specializes in cardiovascular disease risk. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide.

GENinCode products combine genetic and clinical data to risk assess patients and provide healthcare practitioners with advanced clinical information to evaluate and predict the onset of cardiovascular disease.

Our products help inform patients of their health risk enabling them to make behavioural or ‘lifestyle’ changes whilst providing doctors with greater genetic insight and clinical information to determine the most effective treatment pathway (precision medicine).

GENinCode predictive technology provides patients and physicians with globally leading preventative care and treatment strategies. Our molecular tests combine clinical algorithms and artificial intelligence to provide advanced patient risk assessment to predict disease onset.

With over 15 years research and development in cardiovascular health genomics GENinCode has amassed a deep knowledge and understanding of the interactions between a patient’s genetic profile, lifestyle and clinical risk factors.

Advanced Clinical Data Integration

GENinCode risk assessment models are based on our in-house developed algorithms and machine learning which allows us to accurately measure and assess a patients clinical and genetic risk.

This innovative approach to precision health is underpinned by our extensive clinical and genotypic datasets, combined with our powerful bioinformatics capability.

We are proud of our extensive and growing international research collaborations with leading scientific teams and expanding list of globally leading publications.

Improved Risk Assessment
for Optimal Treatment

GENinCode test products have been developed to help physicians make improved clinical decisions.

By delivering comprehensive risk assessment we are able to stratify patients and identify the most appropriate treatment pathways aligned with clinical guidelines to ensure optimal outcome.

Risk Stratification to Optimize Population Health

Public health is beginning to derive benefit from Predictive Genetic Medicine by integrating personal genetics into its health care strategies. This requires the identification of individuals most at risk or genetically predisposed to cardiovascular disease. Our genetic insights combined with clinical symptoms and information enable preventative strategies to be designed to improve Primary and Secondary Care by identifying those individuals and populations most at risk.

This risk stratification approach is now being applied to healthcare systems to improve patient outcome, deliver more efficient resource management and to educate the wider community.

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Our Tests

Our tests are supported by scientific studies published in leading scientific and clinical journals. Our tests are based on the latest scientific evidence to add value to clinical practice.


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