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We combine the most advanced technology and the knowledge of experts to offer you a report that will help your doctor and you to make decisions about your health.

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They are supported by scientific studies published in prestigious scientific-clinical journals and our gene and variant panels are updated periodically, based on the latest scientific findings, to add value to clinical practice.


Cardio inCode® Score is a personalized medicine test that measures a patient’s risk of suffering a cardiovascular event*, combining their genetics with the presence of classical cardiovascular risk factors, and proposes a number of recommendations to reduce that risk. 


Lipid inCode® is a genetic diagnostic service that performs a complete analysis of the seven genes most frequently associated with Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH), enabling a definitive diagnosis of the disease. It also analyses other aspects that guide a physician’s treatment of the patient.


Thrombo inCode® is a genetic personalized medicine test that diagnoses thrombophilia in patients, analyses their risk of suffering thrombosis and proposes recommendations at the treatment level and prevention measures if necessary.

Reproductive Health

Thrombo inCode® Reproductive Health is a personalized medicine genetic test that studies the possible involvement of thrombophilia in specific situations that may affect women, especially recurrent pregnancy losses. It also calculates the risk of thrombosis in patients during pregnancy, birth, puerperium and when taking contraceptives.


SudD inCode® is a genetic diagnostic test that analyses a selection of genes related with sudden cardiac death, to identify gene variants that could cause genetic heart disease.

The results report combines the patient’s genetic and their clinical information, as well as that of their family members if it is available. 

Breast Cancer and Chemotherapy

MammaPrint® is a 70-gene test that will assess the cancer’s risk of distant metastasis. The result is expressed as either as a Low Risk or High Risk result, with no intermediate results, which clarifies and makes easier the decision making for the patient and her physician.

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On September 12, 2018 Gen inCode, S.L. acquired the personalized medicine service of the products Cardio inCode®, Lipid inCode®, SudD inCode® and Thrombo inCode®, offered until now by Ferrer [...]