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NIF B-67271353

Tel. +34 936 690 321

Company registered in the Barcelona Registry of Companies on 8/14/2018, entry 1, volume 46534, folio 166, section, and page 523091

1. Rights and obligations of use
The use of any of the services offered on this website will attribute to the visitor, from the beginning, the condition of user, and will be considered an express, voluntary and unlimited acceptance of these general conditions.

For access to the services of this website, in everything not free of charge or that imposes any obligations, the user must be of full legal age, and have the legal and representative capacity necessary to engage in a binding legal agreement.

The use of the services offered on this website implies the user’s stating that they meet these requisites.

The user who accesses the website must meet these general conditions and the special usage instructions shown to them at any time. Likewise, they oblige themselves to always proceed in a manner compliant with the law, generally accepted customs and demands of good faith, using the diligence suited to the nature of the service they are enjoying. Therefore, the user may not make any modification or alteration of the contents of this website, except for the data they themselves have entered, nor may they damage its integrity or operation in any way.

The personal data that users must provide to access the aforementioned services will remain subject to the general legislation on data protection and health care whenever relevant. They will be recorded in databases which are property of GEN INCODE, under Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April; Data protection policy.

GEN INCODE may block or suspend access to the website by any user who has violated any of the obligations expressed in these general conditions. Any user who intentionally or culpably violates any of the preceding obligations shall be held responsible for all damages caused as a consequence to GEN INCODE or any third party.

2. Responsibility of GEN INCODE
GEN INCODE reserves the right to make modifications to the website, and to these general conditions.

On another note, and given the special nature of the channel chosen to communicate with users, GEN INCODE cannot assume liability for:

a) Temporary impossibility to access the website at a given time, or any specific information in the websites that the user may access through links found on this website. This website may offer different links to other third-party websites, whose content may vary, without prior notice, due to the characteristics inherent to the Internet. Therefore, GEN INCODE shall not be responsible for the information, services and general content of these third-party websites.

Any external site accessed from the GEN INCODE site shall be considered independent. GEN INCODE has no control over the contents of said sites. Further, a link to any site other than that of GEN INCODE shall not imply support or acceptance by GEN INCODE for its content or use.

In the event that GEN INCODE had effective knowledge that the activity or information these links lead to were illegal, constitutive of a crime, or damaging to the rights or property of third parties susceptible to compensation, GEN INCODE shall act with the necessary diligence to delete or block the relevant link as soon as possible.

b) The precision or timeliness of the contents, information and offering of supplied products and services. The website features simplified, correctly-drafted information with the intent to make this content more understandable for the average user. Therefore, GEN INCODE shall take no responsibility for erroneous interpretations that could result from the information presented here, except in the case of negligence of its duties by GEN INCODE, as is described in these general conditions.

GEN INCODE shall not take responsibility for any damages arising as a consequence of fortuitous or unforeseeable events, or those that are a consequence of negligent behaviour by the user.

c) The ethics and responsibility of the website user: GEN INCODE shall not be responsible for the user’s usage of the website under any circumstances: In the course of their usage of the website or the resources offered to them therein, users shall refrain from any behaviour that could damage the rights of intellectual or industrial property of GEN INCODE, or any third parties, that violates or contravenes the honour, personal or family privacy or reputation of third parties, or that is illegal or constitutes an affront to morality. In all circumstances, users shall free GEN INCODE from any in- or out-of court claim filed against them as a consequence of said usage. Users shall refrain from conducting by any means any form of destruction, modification, blockage or damage to the data, programs or electronic documents belonging to GEN INCODE; as well as from entering or disseminating over the network any programs, viruses, applets or any other physical or electronic instruments that cause or are able to cause any type of alteration in the network, system or equipment of third parties.

3. Industrial and intellectual property
Any and all content, trademarks, designs, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, domain names and any other signs or elements susceptible to protection from intellectual and industrial property rights that form part of the website are property of GEN INCODE or of public or third party domains that have duly authorized their inclusion on the website and that are listed as authors or owners of the rights.

Under no circumstances will it be understood that any license is granted, or that there is a waiver, conveyance, or total or partial assignment of said rights, or that any right is conferred, especially those regarding the operation, reproduction, distribution, transformation or public communication of said contents without the express prior written consent of GEN INCODE (as concerns the design of the website or use of the “GEN INCODE” trademark) or of relevant third parties.

Any violations of the intellectual or industrial property rights referred to in this section shall be prosecuted by the criminal and civil court proceedings established in the legislation in force.

4. Jurisdiction
Any litigation or conflict that emerges between GEN INCODE and any user regarding the interpretation or application of these general conditions or, in general, directly or indirectly related with the usage of the services offered on the website shall be resolved by the Courts of the city of Terrassa (Barcelona Province).

As a requisite prior to initiating any litigation, GEN INCODE and the user agree to negotiate in good faith to resolve the litigation or conflict during the period of one (1) month counting from the date on which one of the parties notifies the other in writing of their potentially litigious pretensions.

5. Communication
For any correspondence required between GEN INCODE and the user, the user must address the domicile indicated for GEN INCODE using any of the various communication channels (certified mail or e-mail) indicated in the CONTACT section of the website.

Correspondence from GEN INCODE to the user shall be conducted with the details provided by the user when registering on the website or through the data provided in the first correspondence sent by the User.