What is Nutri inCode® and how can it help you lose weight in a healthy way?

  • Are you  overweight , or obese Having trouble losing weight?
  • Would you like to  lose weight in a healthy way and maintain that weight loss whilst still taking good care of your health?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions you should be aware that approximately 50% of the factors that influence your weight and your ability to lose it are genetic.

Nutrigenetics is a new science that studies how DNA influences your weight and your predisposition to develop obesity and other associated pathologies.

Taking a nutritional genetic test enables you to know your genetic profile and receive personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations to help you lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Staying at a healthy weight is not only a boost for your self-esteem, but also helps to prevent the onset of diseases associated with being overweight and obese, such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

As roughly 50% of what determines your weight is made up of diet and lifestyle having favourable genetics can offset bad eating and lifestyle habits, or inversely; unfavourable genetics can be offset with healthy nutritional and lifestyle guidelines.


With Nutri inCode® you can find out your own personal genetics and how to optimally lose weight and stay healthy!


Nutri inCode® is a nutrigenetic test with a solid scientific evidence base that analyses a selection of 175 genetic variants published in nutritional related studies.

Based on your genetic profile, you will receive important information such as: your predisposition to develop obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other cardiovascular risk factors.

You will also receive key data on your response to weight-loss programmes: your predisposition toward feeling very hungry, your energy consumption, and your response to exercise and hypocaloric diets.

Based on this information, we will also provide you with personalised recommendations to correct or prevent the onset of diseases related to being overweight or obese, and we will advise you about the types of foods that can help or harm your health and weight. We will also provide you with healthy lifestyle guidelines for the future.

This information will help you and your physician create a tailor-made programme, designed specifically for you to reach your goal, and stay at a healthy weight.


Carrying Out A Nutri inCode® Test?

With the help of your physician, you can easily carry out a Nutri inCode® test, following these steps:

  • Order

    Your physician orders a test from us, and receives the DNA collection kit.

  • Extraction

    A sample of your saliva or blood is taken, and the necessary documents are annexed to it.

  • Analysis

    The sample is sent to our laboratory for analysis.

  • Results

    We send the encrypted results to your physician, who will arrange an appointment with you to discuss them.

¿Qué opinan los que ya han utilizado el test Nutri inCode para perder peso?

Miles de personas ya se han beneficiado de la prueba genética Nutri inCode para reducir peso.

  • Dr. Romero
    Dr. Romero Head of the Lipids Unit at Hospital Infanta Elena, Huelva.

    “Early diagnosis of HF is essential to change the natural history of the disease, since it’s genetic, and present from birth. It goes undetected through the first decades of life, and in many cases, is only diagnosed after an episode of cardiovascular disease. Genetic testing of individuals with suspected diagnoses and their family members gives us a head start of more than a decade over the natural course of events.
    In our Lipids and Vascular Risk Unit, it has become an indispensable tool.”

  • Dr. Pedro Royo
    Dr. Pedro Royo IVI RMA Pamplona

    “Thrombo inCode is a product that’s extremely useful in reproductive medicine. For patients who suffer implantation failure, recurrent pregnancy loss or those with backgrounds of thrombotic episodes, it provides information that is extremely useful in their clinical management, both for ovarian stimulation and preparation of embryo transfer.”

  • Dr. Joaquín Garcia Ezquerro
    Dr. Joaquín Garcia Ezquerro CASA DE SALUD HOSPITAL. VALENCIA

    “It helps me gather valuable information to take measures in treating my miscarrying patients and increase the likelihood of success in their pregnancies.”

Centros que utilizan Nutri inCode para reducir el peso de sus pacientes

La mejor garantía es su confianza.

Privacy and safety guaranteed

The privacy, confidentiality and security of your data are of the highest priority for GEN inCode. In compliance with the legislation in force, we use all necessary computer security protocols, including encryption, to guarantee the anonymisation and integrity of your health data.

All connections to our SITAB data platform are made under the SSL cryptographic protocol. The use of an anonymous identification code for the comprehensive management of patient samples, from analysis to the issue of the results, enables their traceability in a secure, confidential and 100% reliable way.

Our Laboratory

Our Laboratory is specialized and certified in genetic analysis applied to diagnosis and prevention. Staffed by top-tier scientific professionals (who are also excellent people!) they are forerunners in research at the national and international levels.


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