What is THROMBO inCode Reproductive Health and how can it help prevent future recurrent pregnancy loss?

Did you know that thrombophilia can be a cause of recurrent pregnancy loss?

Thrombophilia is the predisposition to develop thrombosis (blood clots). During pregnancy, a woman with thrombophilia may develop microclots in her placenta, reducing the blood flow to the foetus, and possibly causing a miscarriage.

When a woman suffers two miscarriages, whether or not they occur in consecutive pregnancies, prior to 22 weeks of gestation, she is considered to have recurrent pregnancy losses.

Several studies have shown that hereditary thrombophilia may be associated with recurrent pregnancy loss. Two genetic variants are usually studied; Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin, but there are other recurrent pregnancy loss variants to bear in mind.

Further, thrombophilia also increases the risk of thrombosis in pregnancy. Therefore, this aspect must also be evaluated.

That is why it is important to conduct a complete thrombophilia study to have all of the information related with thrombophilia and pregnancy.


How can Thrombo inCode Reproductive Health help prevent a future recurrent pregnancy loss?


Thrombo inCode Reproductive Health is a genetic test that analyses 12 genetic variants related with recurrent pregnancy loss and thrombosis during pregnancy.

The usefulness of this genetic diagnosis has been proven in a published scientific study. The test has been implemented in numerous gynaecology clinics and laboratories throughout Spain.

Thrombo inCode Reproductive Health will provide you and your physician with the most complete information regarding hereditary thrombophilia to guide your treatment, and reduce your pregnancy loss risk.


How can I order the Thrombo inCode Reproductive Health test?

With the help of your physician, you can easily order a Thrombo inCode Reproductive Health test, following these steps:

  • Order

    Your physician orders a test from us, and receives the DNA collection kit.

  • Extraction

    A sample of your saliva or blood is taken, and the necessary documents are annexed to it.

  • Analysis

    The sample is sent to our laboratory for analysis.

  • Results

    We send the encrypted results to your physician, who will arrange an appointment with you to discuss them.

What are Thrombo inCode Reproductive Health genetic test users saying?

Thousands of individuals have already benefited from the Thrombo inCode genetic test to reduce the risk of suffering recurrent pregnancy loss.

  • Dra. Elisabetta Ricciarelli
    Dra. Elisabetta Ricciarelli DIRECTORA EN FIVMADRID

    “The risk of miscarriage rises if the patient is a carrier of thrombophilia. With Thrombo inCode Reproductive Health, I get a more reliable, complete diagnosis. The genetic diagnosis enables me to better identify patients who are candidates for thromboprophylaxis, and for those who don’t need it, start taking the right preventive measures to reach a full-term pregnancy.” 

  • Dr. Joaquín Garcia Ezquerro
    Dr. Joaquín Garcia Ezquerro CASA DE SALUD HOSPITAL. VALENCIA

    “It helps me gather valuable information to take measures in treating my miscarrying patients and increase the likelihood of success in their pregnancies.”

  • Dr. Pedro Royo
    Dr. Pedro Royo IVI RMA Pamplona

    “Thrombo inCode is a product that’s extremely useful in reproductive medicine. For patients who suffer implantation failure, recurrent pregnancy loss or those with backgrounds of thrombotic episodes, it provides information that is extremely useful in their clinical management, both for ovarian stimulation and preparation of embryo transfer.”

  • Adriana

    “After two miscarriages, and even though that could be considered a ‘coincidence’, I knew deep down that there must have been a reason for them. That is why, after many negative tests, I decided to go further with the Thrombo inCode test. Thanks to it, I discovered that I carry a mutation that explains the recurrent miscarriages. The good news is that there is a treatment for my next pregnancy, and that helps me to not be afraid, and look to the future with hope.”

Centros que utilizan Thrombo inCode® Salud Reproductiva para evitar abortos de repetición de sus pacientes

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Privacy and safety guaranteed

The privacy, confidentiality and security of your data are of the highest priority for GEN inCode. In compliance with the legislation in force, we use all necessary computer security protocols, including encryption, to guarantee the anonymisation and integrity of your health data.

All connections to our SITAB data platform are made under the SSL cryptographic protocol. The use of an anonymous identification code for the comprehensive management of patient samples, from analysis to the issue of the results, enables their traceability in a secure, confidential and 100% reliable way.

Our Laboratory

Our Laboratory is specialized and certified in genetic analysis applied to diagnosis and prevention. Staffed by top-tier scientific professionals they are forerunners in research at the national and international levels.


Thrombo inCode Reproductive Health is backed by extensive scientific evidence

Scientific validation study showing the diagnostic capacity of Thrombo inCode Reproductive Health to detect patients with high risk of recurrent pregnancy loss due to their thrombophilia profilea.

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