What are genetic diseases?

These are disorders caused by genetic mutations. Mutation expression pattern: Certain diseases are caused by the presence of a single genetic mutation: in other words, just one of the two copies [...]

How are mutations caused?

They can be caused intrinsically, during physiological DNA replication processes, or by external factors such as radiation. A child may receive mutations present in their mother and father’s DNA [...]

What are mutations (or genetic variants)?

The sequence of nucleotides (A, T, G, C) that makes up a gene can have variations: One nucleotide may have been replaced by another (a G instead of an A, for example). A part of the sequence may [...]

What are genes?

Genes are parts of DNA that contain the information necessary for the production of the proteins that make us up and enable the human body to function. They are composed of sequences of four [...]

What is DNA?

DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid. It is a molecule that is present in nearly all of our cells, responsible for containing all of an individual or living being’s genetic information. This information [...]