Thrombo inCode® Reproductive Health is a genetic test that evaluates the risk of thrombophilia-related recurrent pregnancy losses. It assesses a number of genetic variants, in addition to clinical factors to evaluate the weight of the patient’s thrombophilia profile in the pregnancy loss mechanism. The identification of patients with high risk of recurrent pregnancy loss due to their thrombophilia profile enables the application of thromboprophylaxis to prevent recurrence and increase the probability of achieving full-term pregnancy.

Additionally, Thrombo inCode® Reproductive Health analyzes the patient’s risk of suffering a venous thromboembolism, especially during pregnancy. In this period, thrombosis is more likely to develop due to the procoagulant physiological mechanisms activated in the prepartum and puerperium phases. Thanks to the recommendations of the results report, preventive measures can be put in place for patients at high risk.


Thrombo inCode® Reproductive Health analyzes a validated panel of 12 variants of the Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs) type in seven genes, identified in Genome-Wide Association studies or GWAs. It then applies two specific algorithms; first to calculate the risk of recurrent pregnancy loss and second, the risk of venous thromboembolism.


  • Patients who have suffered recurrent pregnancy losses; in other words, at least two spontaneous miscarriages before the 22nd week of pregnancy.


Thrombo inCode® Reproductive Health is the only scientifically-validated diagnostic test that enables the study of the involvement of thrombophilia in the risk of recurrent pregnancy losses.

It has proven to have a greater diagnostic capacity, with a statistically significant difference in comparisons with the Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin variants. With Thrombo inCode® Reproductive Health, thrombophilic causality can be established in approximately 50% of patients with recurrent pregnancy losses.


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